Thursday, August 14, 2014

Attendance Records, July

For the 27 classes seminary and institute classes that we support, attendance records are due at the first part of the month. They are recorded in an online system called WISE and take a bit of time to record since you are recording attendance, assignments and reading for every student. Calendars have to be adjusted depending on school holidays or any time that class was cancelled for any reason because successful completion is achieved by a percentage in those areas. All of that is complicated by the fact that reports are sometimes difficult to collect, handwriting is hard to read and students are often registered by the name they choose to go by rather than what is in the church records.  Up until now, I have been taking care of the attendance records while Elder Davie has managed the online banking system that we use. This month, Frank decided that he would like to learn the WISE system. It definitely took some time for the first go round, but all records are in and July is buttoned up. Good job Elder Davie!

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