Sunday, June 21, 2015

Support from Priesthood Leaders

Dear Family and Friends, 

-Sister Davie (Maxine) has been the only one to post on this missionary blog for the past 17 months of our wonderful mission. I thought before all this great experience comes to an end, that I would make an entry or two as well.

-In our work with the Church Education System (CES), Seminary & Institute (S&I), there are four important elements: 1) Priesthood Leadership, 2) the Parents, 3) the Teachers and of course, the 4) Students (approx. 250) themselves. This has been a great work to be involved with and we have certainly seen some growth and changes in the lives of those who we have been privileged to work with. I might add, our lives have been influenced for the better as well.

-Of importance of which I wish to share is the support that we have received from our priesthood leaders.  Our assignment is primarily with the Johannesburg Stake and recently with the Bedfordview Stake since another missionary couple has returned home.  Without this priesthood support, we would not have accomplished all that was done. So we express our appreciation to them. Yes, the parents play a significant role and well as the teachers.  Of course, if it were not for these amazing young people in the Church (ages 14-30), we wouldn't be doing this work at all.  They are to be recognized as well.

Stake President Andrew DeKock, Johannesburg Stake attending the Seminary Super Saturday Event
President Sehloho, Second Counselor, Stake Presidency attending Stake Cultural Event...
Elder Khumbulani Mdletche, Supervisor of CES Department here in Johannesburg area...
Elder Tasara Makasi, Director of CES Department describing one of his traditional, favorite foods....
Bishop Molombo, Johannesburg 1st Ward attending one of our Saturday Inservice Training Meetings
Bishop Cedras, Weltevreden Ward describing potjie (Dutch oven) recipe that he put together...
Bishop Gqibitole, Johannesburg 2nd Ward dressed in traditional African clothing...
Bishop Molombo and his wife...dressed for Sunday sacrament meeting...
President DeKock providing talk at the Annual Seminary Super Saturday Event for teachers and seminary students.
Finally, Bishop Makasi attending the annual 'Helping Hands' Service Project for the Johannesburg community.

While not all Bishops and Branch Presidents are accounted for here that we have had the privilege to work with, there is such a wonderful spirit about all the many good things that are being accomplished under their leadership and direction. We have greatly appreciated their support throughout our mission!

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  1. Great to see you writing on here Dad! Loved the post! :-)