Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary

Our latest adventure to report is a visit to the “Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary” and for this outing Rachel’s family came along, as you will see in the pictures. Like some of the other sanctuaries in the area, Bush Babies provides a place for for orphaned and abused animals. As they point out in the tour, monkeys do not make good pets and most of the ones they have at this site come from monkeys that have been donated by their former owners. The sanctuary is really beautiful. It takes up several acres of enclosed jungle, which you get to enter and actually be in a forest with the monkeys. The habitat is a natural one for these monkeys; the ones called bush babies were actually indigenous to the area and didn’t have to be adopted. Some of the monkeys were shy and evasive but you could catch them scampering through the trees. Others were very comfortable with humans as you can see.
Here is Rachel's family in a very big monkey's hand.
A close up so you can see they are really there.
Our guide gave us the number of cell phones that the "little thieves" had stolen lately. They really did try to get things out of the guys pockets (we went with another couple, the Clowards)
A monkey who rode on dad's shoulders for quite a while--he just decided it looked like a good place to ride around I guess. See how he has his eye on Maia? He really wanted to take her home with him. We had to hold really tight to the PegBuddies when we had them out.
This one kept trying to get the bag of PegBuddies out of my hand.
This one doesn't look so friendly, but he was just yelling at his friends.
The rocks on poles are monkey seats--Rick decided to try it out and said it wasn't all that comfortable.
This momma was swishing through the forest with her bright eyed baby.
Now haven't you always wanted to walk on a bridge like this. It swayed back and forth just as you would suspect.
Rachel liked the bridges too; they were really artfully done with native wood and twisty vines all joined together with rustic pegs and knobs.
Emma really loved the jungle. She decided to take a break and just enjoy the surroundings.
This was a neighborly warning in a jungle I thought :)
Cool vine-y things--the younger ones were what the monkey swung on.
Michael swung through the forest with the monkeys and climbed on the trees.
A sweet little monkey that hung around us. I think he might be the one that took a ride on dad.
Missionaries in the jungle :)
Here's another mom zipping along with her cargo.
Ring tale monkey
Ruby was exhausted and took a long nap afterwards in a jungle leaf.

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  1. Awe!! The kids LOVED their adventure!! Monkies are Maia's very favorite animal now- she even did her first report on the Howler Monkey last week!

    And I had to laugh at that sign on the branch- totally looks like something Dad would feel the need to label! :) haha.