Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Stack of Plastic Chairs

I think a while ago, I might have said something about an institute class that we visited in downtown Joburg. The neighborhood is Hillsborough which is one of the poorest areas in the city, and other missionary couples we talk to are surprised that we work there. The apartment building was old and run down, the halls dark, the elevator tiny and was the room we entered was front room, bedroom and playroom. The class and the students, however, were amazing. The kids participated with thoughtful responses and quoted from memory not only scriptures, but church leaders. The instructor could have been transported to any institute program in the world and been considered excellent. There were about sixteen students and three plastic chairs so the kids all sat against the bed or up against the wall as the class proceeded. When my husband and I talked afterwards, he asked if we should try to get some chairs for the class, but I thought not because I didn't want them to think that what they had was in anyway lacking. That was several weeks ago, and this past week we spoke in the sacrament meeting of that ward. The teacher of that class came up to the stand before the meeting started and said, "Elder and Sister Davie, I've been praying that you would be here today. My class has added another three students and as you know there is no place for anyone to sit. I was wondering if we can get a few chairs." We assured him that we could and this week we delivered a stack of about 15 inexpensive plastic chairs. He and the young man who met us at the car as we delivered them couldn't have been more grateful if a truck from Ethan Allen had pulled up. We are just constantly being humbled by these good people who, with so little, do so much and are grateful for the smallest support.

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