Monday, May 5, 2014

Johannesburg Botanical Garden

Today we decided to take a “P” day (preparation day) but we didn’t really prepare for anything. We just went and played for the day with some other senior couples. We went to the Johannesburg Botanical Garden, which is a big park right in the middle of the city. Since it was a weekday and not really the garden time of the year, we had the park almost to ourselves. Most of the area is quite informal and in the more formal part, the roses are almost gone. They had a few pieces of rustic art that were nice and it was fun just to walk around and enjoy the pretty autumn day (here in our part of the world J)


  1. It's so fun to see you guys enjoying your time there so much!

  2. Beautiful pics mom. I wonder if you're getting exposed to some new art styles that we don't have in our stuffy hemisphere. :-)

  3. Hard to believe we are just getting the tulips in full bloom for spring ....even expecting some left over winter whether this week and you are into autumn.
    I Like that one of you with the TALL lady and the head is quite interesting just what is that?
    You two keep on exploring it is fun to open my email and see a new JJ blog.

  4. These pictures look great! It's so weird to think that it's fall over there!!