Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letters From Home

I guess none of us realize how important it is to hear from friends or family until we have been away from them for a long time. Our family does a good job staying in touch using email, Instagram and especially Google Hangouts, but there is something about a physical letter in your hand that can't be replaced by technology. Several of our kids have sent us packets of letters from our grandchildren and we have been excited to receive every one. This week, we received letters from Rachel and her kids and have added them to our refrigerator and wall collection. We still have some laying on the counter that we will tape somewhere. Thanks for staying in touch family; it makes the distance seem not quite 10,000 miles. If someone who is close to you is away from home--on a mission, at school, in the military or for whatever reason, take some time and write them a letter. They will be so happy to receive it!

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