Saturday, July 5, 2014

Monkey Sanctuary #2

I've posted about the monkey sanctuary before, but I wanted to make a second post about it. It has been one of our favorite places we have visited while we're here. We had friends visit from a nearby mission and they wanted to go, so of course we went again. The monkeys are so fascinating to watch and so intelligent. For example, they know that there are insects in a certain type of tree but that they can't get to them while the tree is living. So they break off parts of the tree and throw them down so that they will dry out. In a couple of weeks, they can get to the insects. The little guy in the pictures took the water bottle he is drinking from the hands of one of the visitors. He took the cap off, pulled up the center part that allows the water to come out and drank as much as he wanted. He then retrieved the cap that he had taken off, put it back on and offered it back to the person he had "borrowed it from."

As they emphasize, monkeys don't make good pets and many of these have been donated by people who thought they might be. One of the monkeys may have been a pet or in any case, he was very comfortable hanging around our group. For some reason, he decided I was his best friend that day and rode on my shoulder for almost the entire time we were in the park.


  1. That is so fun you guys! I can't believe he could get the top off, drink, and put it back. Really amazing!

  2. Think that monkey wanted to go with you, he sure likes to ride on you're head.
    Looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    Also thank you for the perfect e card on my B day was just lovely.