Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Graduation Preparation and Magalies

I haven't posted for a while because we have been really busy getting all of the records, certificates and diplomas in order for Seminary and Institute graduation that will be coming up soon. It was planned for this Saturday, but has now been moved to December 6 so we should be ready ahead of time which is always nice. There is a lot involved--checking, double checking, contacting teachers and leaders, even sometimes contacting past teachers, especially for this program where every class is different.
We did take a break to go stay a couple of days at a very nice golf resort about an hour away called Magalies Park. A South African couple, Annie and Wally, who have become our friends invited us to stay. We aren't golfers, but enjoyed walking around the greens with wildebeest and springbok and other animals included. I guess they have allowed a few animals that are wary enough of humans that they don't bother the golfers.

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  1. Beautiful! And Annie and Wally look like a good time! :-)