Friday, March 27, 2015

Our Fine Feathered Friends

In addition to all of the amazing animals that live in this part of Africa, there are some beautiful and interesting birds. (There are also a few that are pretty annoying like the "Go-Away" birds and Ibis that start squawking around our flat about an hour before sunrise :) Almost a thousand species of birds have been recorded just in South Africa, so if I posted pictures of all of them you'd have to keep scrolling for quite a while, but here's a few of the ones that we've taken pictures of. My favorite is the first--the Lilac-breasted roller. The colors, especially in flight are amazing. They are also difficult to catch in flight, and my flight shot isn't that great, but you can get idea of the colors. Click to enlarge the fourth one, just to see the detail of his feathers.

We are blessed to have such beautiful creatures living on this planet!

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  1. You took all these shots?! Some are magazine quality!