Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bird Sequel

As a little sequel to the post on birds here in South Africa, I wanted to post a few pictures of the birds that we have outside our kitchen window. Since we have loved the beautiful, bright birds here, we decided to get a bird feeder, which we adapted slightly so that only the smaller birds could land. Our most frequent visitors lately have been the bishops and the weavers. The males of the weavers are bright yellow, and the males of the bishops are brilliant red. Females of both species are brown/grey. Both birds build the cool woven nests that hang from branches of the trees. (I’ll include a picture of their nests.) Even though they are very handsome, they can also be very contentious. Sometimes, in order to stop their noisy squabbles, I’ll purposes walk in front of the window to make them fly away and cool off for a minute.

Our favorite bird is a little handicapped weaver that I named Captain Dan because he has only one leg. He can’t land of the perches and eat like the other birds, so he has to do this little acrobatic one-legged-pull up maneuver, but still, he manages very well as you can see.

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