Sunday, April 26, 2015

We've Been Busy :)

It has been a while since I have posted anything and that is because we have had a busy month. The first ten days are always filled with record collection and recording. This month it was especially important to get them completed accurately on time because our records are combined with others from all of the coordinators to create quarterly reports that go to the Johannesburg Area Presidency, etc.

We have also been visiting classes that we haven’t been able to get to yet, and conducting teacher orientations. We have twelve new teachers this year, of the twenty-seven total, and we meet with each of them to make sure they understand their responsibilities and to supply them with any materials they need.

This past week the area supervisor for Seminary and Institute was visiting from East London, so we had several meetings and spent one entire day with him in training, then meeting with him and one of our stake leaders (so that he can assess our working relationship with the stake we are responsible for) and then visiting one of our institute classes in the evening. We’ve worked with great leaders in our calling and have learned a lot in the fifteen months that we’ve been here. We figure we will be thoroughly trained just about the time for us to go home :)

Because another S&I couple had to go home early, we have been asked to take over the support of the stake they were overseeing as well, so it will probably remain extra busy from now until the end of our mission. That’s fine with us since that’s what we’re here for.
Records, records.
One of the classes we visit. We took this shot to show the institute class is in this teachers front room which is also the bedroom in the small city apartment. No walk in closet as you can see.
But look how many students come to the class! There were 24 on the night we were there. The teacher is an excellent teacher and the students participate with thoughtful, informed questions and answers. I don't know that you could find a better institute class anywhere.
We visited this seminary class which was also great. The apartment here (also one multi-purpose room plus a small kitchen) was on the 9th floor and the elevators don't work. Not only that, but they were experiencing "load shedding", i.e. no power, so the staircase was very, very dark. While I was huffing and puffing up the stairs, there were mothers with their babies on their backs and people older than me with groceries tripping up and down them like mountain goats :)
Another small seminary class. We have quite a few small classes because they put the classes where the kids are. Few families have cars and they can't afford many taxi rides so transportation is always a major consideration in any planning.
And this is the Institute class held at Wits University. These kids are from a number of places throughout South Africa, but attend the class there while they are in school. Also an excellent class.

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  1. I'm sure they appreciate having a couple that is so computer literate with all of those records! And Dad, I'm guessing you had a conversation about how beautiful that table is? I love it- feel free to pack it and bring it home as a small souvinear! :)

    P.S. Ruby just said, "I forgot that Grandpa had glasses. And do you think Grandma remembers she has so much jewelry?" (She was admiring it all at the cabin.) :)