Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dan and Rob in Africa

A couple of weeks ago, our second son, Dan and his wife Robyn came to visit us here in South Africa. They had been talking about making the trip ever since we received our mission call and we are very glad that they came. We stuffed as much activity into the week as we could and had an amazing time. We were especially sad to see them go since they will be our last visitors to South Africa, but thanks for traveling 10,000 miles to see us Dan and Rob!
This was in Lesedi Village, a cultural village with re-enactments of the five main African tribes. There's a great dancing segment and we had dinner there afterwards where they could experience some of the game meats. We also went to Carnivores which is known for that, but somehow, I can't locate the pictures taken there.
The Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary is about an hour out of Joburg. We've been there about five times and love it every time. Dan and Rob enjoyed getting to know the little pick pockets.
We attended church at the Johannesburg 1st Ward which is in what is now the very center of the city. The building is the oldest one in South Africa.
After church we had a real South African braai (BBQ) with the wonderful von Tonder family who we rent from. They gave Dan and Rob a little run down on South African history and its current status.
On the morning we had scheduled our "canopy tour" (zip line) it was raining pretty hard and we thought we might have to cancel, but it cleared just as we were gearing up to go.
We all went on a zip line near Tzaneen that was amazing. It followed a beautiful river with several dramatic waterfalls. Dan had been to one in Hawaii and said this one was even prettier.
Rob getting ready to go and Dan on his way (or maybe it was the other way around :)
You can see one of the smaller falls in this picture.
We went on a game drive in Kruger National Park. We stayed in "tents" but they were pretty luxurious tents, complete with climate control and spacious indoor bathrooms.
Dan and me in South Africa! Hard to believe!
These little friends were grooming each other. 
Dan and Rob were lucky enough to see all of the Big Five on our game drives, including the beautiful leopard that is so illusive. He wasn't all that sociable for his picture, but we can definitely say we say him.
Wildebeest watching over his territory. 
This zebra was making sure to scratch all that itched.
And the wart hog was busy being a wart hog. They have such short necks that they have to kneel like that to graze. (seems uncomfortable)
Like Syd, Robyn loved the giraffes. They are such elegant, graceful animals. 
We've seen Cape Buffalo before, but not one lounging in the water by himself. He's a big guy!
There are lots of elephants here, but we never tire of seeing them. 
Another gorgeous animal--the kudu. We are told that each twist of the horn represents about four years growth so this is a mature bull for sure.
The birds play an important role in freeing the animals from ticks and other parasites. 
Can you see how the one bird is inside his ear, helping to groom him.
The regal rhino that is threatened because of their horns. Unbelievably, rhino horn is the more expensive substance on earth.
This was the closest we had ever been to a hyena. In that species, the females are the largest and the strongest.
A cool chameleon, that we saw in the headlights on a game drive.
And a beautiful African sunrise. 
On the road leaving from the game drive, this innovative bunch of kids had created a little performance. They skillfully did a tribal dance in their skirts made of leaves then asked for contributions to assist their village :) The oldest one was very savvy, asking if we had American dollars instead of rand (he obviously knows the rand is falling compared to the dollar)

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  1. My certainly did squeeze alot into a week, Dan and Rob sure look like they are having a great time. Would luv to try that zip line.~ My who would have thought my sis & hubby would be zip lining in Africa!