Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Most of Our Time

Since I just did a post on a fun adventure that we had recently, and plan to post another one soon, I thought I'd better sandwich in some of the work that actually occupies MOST of our time. So here are some visuals to give you an idea of the things we do:
Starting with the best part of the job--we visit Seminary and Institute classes. See us there far in the back :)
Most of the classes are on school holiday now though, so no visiting for a while.
We work with really amazing leaders. The guy to Frank's right is the president of the stake and the one to the left is the counselor that we work with all of the time.
We visit different wards every Sunday. There are nine units in one stake and ten wards in the other so we don't get to any one unit very often.
For the several days at the first of each month, I live at my desk, working on attendance records for each of the fifty Seminary and Institute classes that we are responsible for. Recording is a piece of cake compared to trying to get all of the records! :)
Elder Davie lives on the other side of the desk, working on other statistical reports that are connected to the attendance and activity of the young people.
This is a screenshot of some of the things that we have been working on for the Johannesburg Stake.
And the ones that we have been working on for the Bedfordview Stake.
A bookmark that I recently designed to help remind the kids to not just register or to just attend sometimes but to finish successfully. 100% completion of all students enrolled is one of our stake goals.
These are some bookmarks that show fundamentals of teaching for the Bedfordview stake that we will use in the in-service training this month.
Folders set out to be filled with all of the things that both stakes will be given during their Mid-Year Convention.
And some of the things that go IN the folders
Including the completed bookmarks for the one stake.
Elder Davie stuffing as I collate.
One of the invitations for Mid-Year Convention that went out to teachers and priesthood leaders
And the poster advertising Super Saturday which is THIS Saturday! We are hoping that everything goes well.
And now when I put the next post on the blog with pictures of a one day trip to Pilanesburg National Park, you'll all know that it isn't just fun and games over here :)

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  1. Great post, you guys have had such a positive influence there! Love the poster at the end!