Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mid Year Convention and Seminary Super Saturda

Last Saturday, we had our Mid-Year Convention for teachers and leaders in the Johannesburg Stake in the morning, and the Seminary Super Saturday in the afternoon with a combined lunch in between. The attendance wasn’t quite as good as last year because the date it was scheduled was during their school holiday so a lot of students and some of the teachers were out of town. Those that were there had a lot of fun with the skits they performed and enjoyed the message from the stake president. One of the highlights was the dessert we had for lunch—American root beer floats which almost none of them had ever tasted. They don’t have root beer here but we had one of our kids send some root beer extract and we made a big batch with dry ice. It was a fun and productive day.
Some of the Relief Society sisters were helping to serve lunch and this was the lesson in root beer making--not much to making a root beer float, huh?
These are mostly teachers that you see here, but the kids were coming in about that time.
Everyone just mingling and enjoying themselves.
One of our bishops on the left and two great, dedicated seminary teachers on the right.
As the kids came in they played a game that got them talking--here is one group getting answers from each other.
Gathering to start the skits
I know you can't hear this :) but they were singing for their presentation.
They were supposed to illustrate at least one gospel principle in a modern day application. This is a mother who teaches her daughter and they had put together a poem that did this.
You may not recognize it, but the girl kneeling is Oliver Cowdery :)
I can't remember what he's explaining, but she looks happy about it :)
This was depicting the revelation that introduced the Word of Wisdom where we were told that tobacco wasn't healthy for the body (long before science told us that) See the puffs of smoke? It was pretty clever how they made pipes that did that without anything burning of course.
Each class that performed took a bow afterwards. It was a fun way to emphasize the importance of what they were learning and to have a lot of fun and get to know other kids in the stake at the same time.


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