Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One of Our Many Blessings

Our mission here in Johannesburg has been a most wonderful experience.  We have certainly been busy with lots of good things and at the same time have worked to keep ourselves in hopefully good health so that we can serve as best as possible. 

Prior to our mission departure, one of the many requirements to serve a full time mission is to have a series of shots (immunizations), for protection from various diseases, etc. Having lived in this foreign country for the past 1.5 years has exposed us to some quite different foods, natural environments, back roads, "interesting" neighborhoods, driving everywhere with no real idea of 'exactly' where we were going :-) and participating in various activities. Most of all, we wanted to do our part as best we could and not have to go to a hospital or emergency room for something that we could possibly avoid.
Sister Davie on the roadside making our way back to our flat.

Not too far from our home is a large Rugby sports field. At the beginning of our mission, we decided that we would do our personal exercises indoor each morning for about 1/2 hr. and then go on our morning walks together (except Sundays). We simply wanted to do our best to try & stay in good health. 

Once in a while, we would need to "skip a morning" because of a 6:00am seminary class that we would visit or some other obligation related to this great missionary assignment.
Elder Davie

To our surprise this Wednesday morning, when we went to the CES Office for our weekly devotional meeting, the Church Human Resources Dept. was providing a health fair for all the employees and senior missionaries. For both of us, those particular health statistics (tests) came out very favorable. Needless to say, we were quite pleased with the results.  

With these soles coming apart...YES...we are about to finish up!
(Sister Davie had already worn out her first pair)

The blessings we have asked for have come to us in so many ways while we have served here in this beautiful part of the world.  Yes, we are very thankful for this particularly important part of our personal lives so we could have a successful mission. We simply wanted to stay healthy and accomplish a good work. 

(Note: In the U.S. it is summer time, here in South Africa we are enjoying these chilly, winter months).   
Elder & Sister Davie enjoying our morning walk!

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  1. Fun post Dad! So glad you guys haven't had to go to the hospital during the time you were there. Hopefully that'll extend a lot longer! :-)