Monday, October 20, 2014

Half Way!

We entered the mission training center on January 20 and today is October 20 so that means we are half way through our mission. In many ways the time has gone really quickly. We are loving our mission and are glad we are here. We're planning to have just as much fun and try to do just as much good as we can during the second half, but because we miss our family, we are also glad that our time left now will be fewer days that our time spent. Our grandchildren, it seems, have refused to stop growing while we're gone!

Definition--One half is the irreducible fraction resulting from dividing one by two (½), or any number by its double; multiplication by one half is equivalent to division by two. Conversely, division by one half is equivalent to multiplication by two, or "doubling". One half appears often in mathematical equations, recipes, measurements, etc. Half can also be said to be one part of something divided into two equal parts.

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  1. I know I am very glad to have you on the down-hill side of the mission! I know you're doing good work over there, but we miss you guys over here. :)