Monday, October 6, 2014

Tzaneen, Limpopo Province

Last weekend, we traveled about five hours northeast to a town in Limpopo called Tzaneen. There is a set of senior missionaries there that does the same thing we do that we know from S&I meetings. Another couple also lives there that we knew from the time they were working with one of the wards that we attend. Anyway, we went to visit them. The area was really beautiful and tropical with lots of fruits and vegetable farms. We visited with the couples, went to a waterfall and to a spring festival in a little Afrikaans town there. We also visited what is supposedly the largest baobab tree in the world. It was big enough that there was a bar and a hat room inside the tree--they hadn't carved it out like I've seen in the Redwoods, but rather the tree grows with hallows inside. We also went through a pretty garden called the Cheerio garden. I asked several people why it was called the Cheerio garden, but they usually just smile and say yes to whatever I ask. 

On Sunday, we attended church at a little branch called Maputo. I taught a primary class of four to eight year olds who hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. I can’t remember the language they speak, but English is a second language learned when they get to school. Luckily, the lady you see standing there was translating, but you can imagine how attentive the little kids were with their short attention span and trying to figure out who to listen to. Even though they couldn’t understand me, they still wanted to stand by me and give me hugs. I just kept laughing because it all seemed pretty funny to me. We were also invited to the home of one of the African members. They dressed us all up in native costumes and tried to teach us a little African dance and I got to play with a cute little African baby. We had a fun weekend and enjoyed seeing another part of Africa.

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  1. Got to be the largest tree, it's amazing. Luv you in all those bright colors, it looks good on you and the area looks very beautiful.