Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Happened to Spring

I was going to post these pictures a couple of days after I posted the spring pictures to show what happened to spring, but our Internet has been out. Now that we're connected to the world again, I can tell you that just when the blossoms were popping and the trees were bursting with fresh green leaves, this ominous cloud rolled in. It delivered a violent hale storm that stripped the blossoms and leaves off the trees and beat down all of the pretty spring flowers. Big hail stones were coming down so hard that I was just waiting for our windows to break. You can see that the next day looked like autumn only instead of browns and yellows, there was green, purple, white and red all over the ground.

Nature is amazingly resilient though, and in a week the trees replaced their flowers and leaves, and the plants have all sprung up again nice and fresh. I think we could learn a lesson from that.

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  1. Crazy storm! So glad you have your internet back. I was going to call you, but it's only 5:30 AM there, so I'll let you sleep a little longer first. :-)