Thursday, October 9, 2014

OSHA, South Africa Style

This post is for my son-in-law, Brian who is a safety engineer. I'm sure they must have some safety standards here, but it's hard to see evidence. We see guys standing up in trucks while they are speeding down the highways and running around on very high structures without safety belts. In the fourth picture, you can see the guy on the roof with the bundle of tiles balanced on his head--that was a four story apartment building and he came up a ladder all the while with the stack of tiles on his head before walking across the roof like that. My favorite was the last one where the guys are working within inches of that shovel. There are very few lawyers in South Africa compared with the US so I don't think people paying for labor are as concerned about safety standards.


  1. That's crazy! That one of the guy on the roof with the tile on his head makes me cringe! Just waiting to see that guy in the ER with a broken neck. :-)

  2. Haha. I bet Brian could hand out some great violations over there!