Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day at Lion Park

For Valentines Day, we went to the Lion Park. On it's website, Lion Park describes itself as "focusing on the well-being of the various species, in particular the endangered Wild Dog, the rare White Lion and Cheetah. We are neither a game reserve or a Zoo, but rather a breeding ground and sanctuary for important species." It is listed as one of the one hundred tourist destinations in the world by Newsweek magazine.

For this destination it was the Zamora family’s turn to accompany us on this outing. Eva and Ella were excited because they both love animals. For most of the shots of the family with the animals I had to resort to Photoshop because neither the park rangers or the animals themselves were keen to my setting a PegBuddy anywhere near them (not to mention my hand or myself J

Ella was not worried about dangerous predators (she has probably watched too many animal trainer movies) We were lucky to see this one walking around because they usually sleep in the mornings.

Eva found Timon and they became immediate friends.

Melanie was being a little silly riding the emus around. They are quite a bit smaller than their cousin the ostrich and apparently not dangerous because they wandered around like chickens pecking at the grass.

Kilo stayed busy visiting with the wild African dogs. They are actually more endangered than most of the endangered animals we hear about. The guide said there are only about 200 of them left. 
This one of Ella really was taken by the baby lions because we were allowed, a few at a time, to go in and pet them. It was mid morning so they were very sleepy. 
One of several of the deer family we saw. This one is an impala; we also saw gazelles, springboks and some others. 
A mama zebra with her baby 
And me with some baby lions—if I go back next year I won’t visit them :)

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