Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home For Now

We landed in South Africa and a very nice senior missionary couple met us at the airport with a big sign that said DAVIE. Since we were the only ones with names tags and a suit on, we weren’t hard to spot and since they were the ones with name tags and a suit on, they weren’t hard to spot either J They drove us to the place we will be calling home for the next eighteen months. It’s a very nice little one bedroom cottage or flat as they call it, behind a larger home belonging to one of the members of the church here. The family recently bought the property. They have completely remodeled our small unit and are working on their big house. Some other nice missionaries that we haven’t met yet have already decorated the flat to look cute and comfortable. There were even fresh flowers and a few groceries to get us by for a few days. The house is in a nice area and looks very secure. In fact, everything around here looks extremely secure. This property and many others have not only high fences, but a band of electrical fencing toping that to make it even higher. Fifteen foot electrical fencing is apparently not enough because our house and the main house have metal grating over each of the windows and doors. Such extreme caution is probably an aftermath of the political unrest that the country has suffered in the past. At least we feel very secure while we’re home and we’re being aware and careful when we are out and about.


  1. So glad to see some blog posts! Your flat looks very nice and cozy, lots of natural light. Tell us about the amenities. Do you have all the appliances you'd expect in the US?

  2. I love your flat! It looks perfect. How's the weather?