Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learning a New Language, Answers

OK, below is the meaning of the African "English" words that I posted yesterday, but before you read them I want to point out something else. Are  those of you residing in North America aware that the earth is leaking down here? I suppose it must be something to do with gravity, but don't you think that might be a more serious problem that even global warming :)

Here are the answers:

A slipaway is a short, curved piece of road that allows you to turn left without going to the corner. If it is longer it is called a slip road.

Robot is a traffic light

Gyser (pronounced geezer) is a water heater

Petrol is gasoline (expensive here)

Mash is mashed potatoes

Baki is a small truck with a flat, open bed

Braai is a barbeque

Boot is the trunk of the car (also used in England)

Kombi is a taxi. Watch out for those; they drive like idiots!

Panel beater is an auto body repair shop

Energy is calorie count

Biltong is jerky (made from a variety of animals)

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