Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Roodepoort Botanical Garden

Yesterday afternoon we went to the gorgeous Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden in Roodeport (part of larger Johannesburg.) The park covers several acres and includes spacious lawns, gardens without number, a long mountain walk and a beautiful and dramatic waterfall. For our first African outing, we decided to take our oldest son and his family with us (actually their representatives PegBuddy family--see their tiny little family at the bottom of the sign?) It was a great day and we all loved it.
Mike and Nikki would have liked to have just relaxes and looked at all the hundreds of varieties of African plants since they both like gardening,
but Lily just wouldn't stop harassing the mosquitos. They are big here in Africa and in this picture she has just gotten on one, just ready to ride around the gardens.
Not to be outdone, Max hopped on this big scorpion and was guiding it around. He was very skillful in keeping out of reach of its stinger.
Chloe wasn't so interested in the insects, but she loved the trees--there were all kinds of interesting ones, some that we had never seen.
Zinni loved the water wherever we went, before we could catch her, she was swimming in this mossy pond. She even wanted to go play in the waterfall, but grandpa was keeping careful hold of her.
 You can't see Zinni here; she is swimming under the moss :) but notice the birds' nests. They're really interesting--the opening for the birds to enter is at the very bottom of the nest.
We all had a wonderful day, although grandpa needed a short rest afterwards. We hope to go again soon!

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  1. Great pics! Good to see you guys having some fun! Can't wait to see where you take my family! Cute idea with the pegs!