Friday, March 14, 2014

Crocodile and Reptile Park

Not so many years ago, African crocodiles were on the endangered list because everyone wanted a crocodile bag or shoes or something else made out of their hide. As a result, they were hunted and killed in large numbers. In response, some people started to "farm" alligators or to breed them in large areas in captivity. Just protecting them and hoping that they would recover naturally would have taken many years since because of natural predators, about one in a hundred crocodiles make it through the first year and only about one in 300 until they are three. The farming of crocodiles produced numbers large enough to legally sell for commercial purposes and also to release back into their natural habitats enough crocodiles that they were able to recover in about twenty years.

Now I have to admit, I am not happy enough about that to go and visit crocodiles in their natural habitat, but we still wanted to see them. So today we went to the Crocodile and Reptile Park. It was Sarah's family's turn to go with us on an African adventure so they came along, some more eagerly than others :)
When we saw these guys from a distance, they looked like rocks lining the pond. Not rocks you would want to go rest on for sure!
These guys are only three and are already big. They are massive when they are fully grown. A tall man could easily lie inside one--however, the crocodile would transform him to small pieces so several tall men could fit. About 400 people are killed every year by crocodiles in Africa. They are not suitable for pets :)
Here's Brian watching the crocs from a safe distance :)
Abby didn't want much to do with the crocs, but she had fun riding on this big turtle. She said it was nothing like a horse though.
Sarah wasn't even too keen on this baby one, but she had to come along anyway so she had her picture taken with him. He  is pretty newly hatched but could probably eat her (the PegBuddy her :) 
The boys were pretty excited about this python. I can't remember what kind he is. It's really surprisingly heavy.
This is a comparatively small snake but one I would never drape around my neck. It is the green mamba that is not only deadly but I understand also aggressive. It would be a tossup as to which I would least like to meet in the wild--the crocodile or the green mamba. I might take the crocodile.


  1. OH My, look at you two!
    I can believe that snake IS heavy It's nearly as big as you!
    I agree with Tim a fun post sis.
    Glad the weather has lighted up for you.