Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not so much

I don't imagine too many of you back in the US are wondering whether the rain has stopped over here, but just in case you are, the answer if not so much :) I think this might be about day 14 of rain, some of it very heavy. On Saturday as we were coming home from our inservice training, I think we were in the heaviest rain we have every experienced. Many cars were trying to get off the road, but there were not really places to pull over, so we kept driving slowly. The picture between the buildings is the walkway to our cottage that day. I had to take off my shoes and wade to the door. Good thing our house is built up a ways (two or three steps) or we would have definitely been flooded. I've never been in a rain that's lasted this long, so now we can get a feeling of what people mean when they say the rainy season! As you would expect everything is nice and green and interestingly, the rain just soaks into the ground very quickly with much less flooding than you would imagine. In Vegas where the soil is like talcum powder, we would have all been washed away by now.

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  1. I can't believe you had to wade to your door, that's crazy!