Sunday, March 23, 2014


When women go on a trip or prepare to live away from home for a long time as senior missionaries do, they think not only about how they might like their destination, but how their hair will like it J Even though I love South Africa, my hair doesn’t behave well here—it has just enough curl to be frizzy in the humidity and in the front, it does this funny little wave that looks like I’m trying to do an impression of a 50’s film star. I notice that white South Africans wear their hair quite short or they have it in ponytails or tied back in some way most of the time. Black women, though, with their curly to kinky hair, create art with their braiding. I wish I always had a camera handy to take pictures of the many intricate designs that I have seen, but here are a few examples of their beautiful braids. The last picture is a guy so they sometimes braid too.


  1. Cool! But where's the pic of your 50s impersonation? :-)

  2. Yeah, I want to see how your hair is going Crazy!!!