Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rain, Rain, Give Us a Break! :)

We've lived in the desert long enough to appreciate rain when it comes, so I would never say rain, rain go away, but it would be nice to get a little break. This will be day #8 of rain here is Johannesburg. For the last four, it rained steadily night and day. Finally late yesterday afternoon it stopped for a while but in the night started up again and is still going today. The prediction is that it will rain for the rest of the week. I'm waiting for directions on building the ark :)

Even with the rain, we still have appointments and work to do so we have to plan for the extra time for travel. We went to visit a 6:00 am class yesterday morning. Ordinarily it would be getting light at that time, but with the heavy clouds, it was pitch black. 

The pretty purple structure is a automated toll road--every time we pass under we are charged--I think it's about 75 cents and we go under many times a day--all charged to the mission.

There are umbrellas everywhere and people dressed in garbage bags (or at least covered in them) I didn't get pictures of that.

Pot holes are common, but in this construction area they were getting to be like small lakes. It's too wet to repair them so soon we'll switch to boats.

Rather than the rain falling from the sky, most of the time it feels like we are right in the rain clouds. I think the moisture is just cycling and recycling.

Traffic is slowed of course so places that are already heavily traveled get really backed up.

The taxis (or kombies as they are called don't like the backups, so where there are grassy medium strips, they just drive down those.

 Which makes a real mess of the grass!

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