Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Montecasino Bird Aviary

Coming from Las Vegas, we were interested to find that there is at least one very large casino in Johannesburg called Montecasino. We wanted to go there, just to see how it compared to Vegas. No surprise, the casino itself it pretty much like any other. To me, it had the feel of the Luxor because it is felt closed in even though it was very large and in the shop area, it had used the painted sky idea that is used in Caesar’s Palace. There are no pictures here of the actual casino floor because they didn’t allow pictures there; that was interesting.

The real reason we went to Montecasino though, was to see their huge bird aviary. It is he only one like it in South Africa, maybe all of Africa. It had a bird show—sort of like a Sea World show, and then there we were free to walk the grounds with 60 species of beautiful African birds. There were also some reptiles and mammal that were fun to see. My daughter, Amie likes to take pictures of birds. A good memory was sitting with her in our "park" while she waited for pictures of the bluebirds. Because of that, I thought she and her PegBuddy family might like to go along with us on this adventure. The photos would have been much better if the flesh and blood Amie had been along, but these are fun just the same.
The casino with painted sky (sorry having lived in Las Vegas, we're hard to impress with casinos :)
Sophia's friend
and Haley's
Caleb wanted to ride the iguana, but it looked too hungry.
Amie got a little too close to the parrot while she was taking pictures.
and Paris had a hard time getting away from this guy too.
a hornbill
African owl
pretty parrot
This is their national bird--a handsome guy
and you know this one--he sells cereal on the side :)


  1. Haha. I thought for sure you had let that monkey hold Sophia!! Was he?? My kids are really excited that now our family is next!! Hope we go somewhere fun! :)

  2. Yay!! I think we got the best outing so far!