Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 8: CES, Laundry and a Message from Our Soon-To-Be Home

Today has been a long, busy day. We’ve been getting up early to spend half and hour on the treadmill hoping to counteract a few of the calories from the wide range of delicious food here. After the treadmill, we of course went to get more food for and then off to class. This week we are involved in specific CES or Church Education System training. Today has been a lot like a teacher in-service (but a good one J There are lots of familiar concepts like creating clear objectives, asking meaningful questions, involving students, etc. I really like their emphasis on “trusting the students” or in other words, teaching them to find their own information, to study and then to come to their own conclusions. After class was over for the day, we went to do our laundry in the big MTC Laundromat. This is the first time in many, many years that we’ve used a washer and dryer other than our own, so it took a bit to figure out the system.

We received an email today from the person who will be picking us up from the airport (so that’s good—they remember we’re coming J) The writer said that we would be living in what he called a “cottage” located behind the home of one of the church members there. He said that we would love it and that it was in a very secure area. Still not sure exactly what that will look like, but it sounds promising. He also said that he has the keys to our car and would take us out to drive (wrong side of the road.) He reminded us that we should have a Garmin when we arrive or that he would take us to buy one. That must mean it’s a must-have so thanks Sarah for donating yours. Everything is on track for our departure; we’re almost there!

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