Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 10, The Davie Family Mission

As we complete our training and are excited to depart, we find that the hardest part of going on a mission is leaving family, so we have decided that we are going to take them all with us!!! Our daughter, Rachel the creator of PegBuddies has made this not-so-little family group to travel with us to South Africa. 

We are taking them with us because this is not just our mission, it is our family’s mission, all eight of our children, eight of their spouses and twenty-four of our grandchildren (whether every one of them want to go on a mission or not :) The fact that they are all healthy, financially stable and self-sufficient makes it possible for us to serve without serious worry and their support and excitement has made it so much more fun.

We often talk about the sacrifice of missionaries, but families sacrifice a lot too. We are very close to our children and grandchildren and know that while we are going to miss them, they are also going to miss us. Some will have important occasions where they wish their parents or grandparents were there to enjoy it with them. Some may have challenges and they’ll wish for the comfort of proximity. When they go to the cabin, it may seem empty without us. Our grandchildren will miss working on wood projects, gardening or doing artwork with us; they will miss grandma’s rolls and grandpa’s pancakes. So because they will share the sacrifice, they will also share the mission and all of the blessings attached to it. We’re sure the blessings will come.

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