Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MTC Day 3 and Suitcase #3!!!

Today our training centered around “teaching people and not lessons” or in other words, really listening to a person and gauging what we teach to what questions they may have or what they already know. Our instructors are extremely skilled instructors themselves and have kept everything lively and interesting. We also participated in mock teaching sessions in which we taught a first lesson to someone who wanted to know more about the church. This was fun and also challenging since the people we were teaching always went in different directions than the lessons we had planned. These “investigators” were converts to the church themselves who used their own backgrounds and experience in the scenario. We learned a lot, and was actually pretty fun.

To go back to my packing story--even though I thought we were both very careful about what we packed (Frank especially J) we discovered that one of our suitcases was very overweight. Checking extra suitcases is very pricey, so I had resigned myself to having to sort through everything to try to shed some suitcase pounds. THEN one of the other missionaries said, “if anyone is flying on British Airways, they will let you check a third bag for free since you’re a missionary.” I called to get confirmation for this (we actually needed permission) and now we have an extra suitcase to move things to. (The MTC bookstore offers great discounts to missionaries by the way) That will also give us a chance to get our kids to get us some spices before we fly out. Some people who have been there said many of the spices we use more frequently are just not found there. They weren’t specific so I’ll have to investigate further, but good news on the suitcase and Hooray for British Airways!

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  1. I am excited to follow your adventure! (I am Jason's wife if you didn't already know :) )