Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally, The Flight to South Africa!

Today we fly (and fly and fly and fly and fly)! When our son Mike saw our itinerary, he said that it was the longest flight in history. We leave in January and don’t get there until February J It is actually a very long flight—three hours from Salt Lake to Chicago, eight and a half to London and then twelve to Johannesburg. That’s twenty-three and a half hours in the air. In between the three flights there is a five-hour layover in Chicago and a ten-hour one in London. Those are longer layovers than I would wish for, but they will give us a chance to do some walking between all the sitting. From the time we get on the plane in Salt Lake and get off in Johannesburg we will have been traveling for almost 40 hours! Add jet lag to that and it will be interesting to see how we will look to the person picking us up. Oh well, we’re glad to be finally on our way. Keep your fingers crossed for us that the bad weather in the eastern states doesn’t lengthen the trip even further. Next time we post, we should have something to say about Africa!

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