Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 5, Our First Week Complete and Set to Go!

We have completed our first week of general training that all of the senior couples receive, focusing on effective methods of teaching. We have gone through lots of information and lots of scenarios and had way too much fun. Being with so many great people of about our same age has definitely increased the fun factor. I had a little laughing breakdown today when role playing with Frank. If you know him, you know that he is all about truth which makes him NOT a good pretender for role playing J When we were supposed to be pretending to be someone investigating or whatever, I had to constantly keep track of the story he was telling, which was much more truth than the fictional character he was supposed to be J

The first picture of the large group was taken in two parts because there were so many of us, and the second picture is of the small group that we met with when we broke into classroom training. We got to know these four couples really well. One couple will be serving a member leader support mission in Idaho, another will go to Paris, France, another to Oslo, Norway and then we will go to Johannesburg, South Africa.

When we finished for the day and checked at our “post office” we were really, really, really happy to see that our passports complete with visas were in our mailbox. There was also a message that our flight tickets were electronic, so that means everything is in order for us to both fly away from the United States and into South Africa. That’s a big relief. One couple here was supposed to go to India but their visa application was rejected. Now they are waiting to see where they will be reassigned. I’m glad we won’t be planning for one place and then going to another!

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